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Welcome to the Mike Fauré, (pronounced 'foray'), website and thank you for visiting. This website is regularly updated (additional features coming soon). We welcome your feedback.

In the “Music” page you will find lots of information; 
A discography of Mike Fauré albums, plus a long and detailed list  of  the hundreds of recording sessions Mike has played on over his long career to date.

The list also includes appearances on other artiste’s records, radio and TV jingles (ads), TV and movie soundtracks, plus a listing of bands and artistes, with whom he has played, or been a member of, over the years.

As to live appearances, Mike currently works with several different bands. He is also available for engagements in anything from a one-piece to five piece band or larger, throughout the US and internationally.
In solo mode, Mike has developed a successful act playing the saxophone along with backtracks, creating the sound of a full band. Always at an appropriate sound-level for the occasion, the repertoire includes
a selection of popular music by well-known artists, in the pop, blues, R&B, jazz and smooth-jazz categories.


This background music format has proven to be ideal for corporate functions, restaurants or any event where the creation of a sophisticated, relaxed ambiance needs to be established.


Mike                               Contact: michfar@gmail.com

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